Our company operates in the field of Goods Transport.

We attach great importance to the confidentiality and security of personal information and protecting it is one of our highest priorities. We have implemented governance policies and practices, the broad outlines of which you will find here and not their exact content. Indeed, we do not specifically disclose the measures and practices put in place on our website to ensure the protection of the personal information we hold and not to disclose information that would facilitate the occurrence of confidentiality incidents. . For more information, we invite you to contact our personal information manager at the contact details indicated at the end of this document.

By personal information, we mean any information which concerns a natural person and allows them to be identified directly or indirectly. Personal information relating to the exercise of a function by a person within a company is not covered by our governance policies and practices.

As our company collects personal information through technological means including our website, we have adopted a Privacy Policy as well as a Cookie Policy, which are available on our company website.


In order to implement its governance policies and practices, our company has carried out an inventory of the personal information collected, the means by which it is collected, when it is collected, from whom it is collected, for whom it is collected and an analysis of the purposes for which they are necessary for our company in the course of our activities.

We have also determined how we use your personal information in the course of our business and to whom we disclose your personal information.

We have established how your personal information is kept for as long as we hold it, how long it is retained by our company and how we destroy it.

Our governance policies and practices therefore govern our company and our employees in the collection, use, communication, retention and destruction of your personal information by establishing the roles and responsibilities of each person as well as the handling of complaints, requests access and rectification as well as confidentiality incidents.


We have determined that the following personal information may be collected in the course of our activities in person, by telephone, by email, by paper forms and through our website, only from the individual concerned and in the course of the activities of the company. As necessary, the following personal information is collected:

First and last nameJob, CV, Diploma
Date of birthSalary
Social Security numberBank account number
Home adressSpecimen Check
Phone numberDriving record
Email AddressDriving license

We have established that the purposes for which we use and disclose personal information in the course of our business are as follows:

  • Proceed to open your customer file;
  • Proceed to open your employee file;
  • Communicate with you regarding the required services;
  • Communicate with you about any changes to our programs and their operation as well as our policies;
  • Receive and process job applications;
  • To comply with our legal obligations;

We have developed procedures and documents to obtain clear, free, informed consent given for specific purposes for each of the purposes that we have identified as part of our analysis.

We have implemented procedures on our website and a form for our employees to notify and obtain the consent of the data subject in connection with the technology used by the company which makes it possible to identify, locate the person,

in particular with the installation of GPS in the vehicles provided to our employees which must only be used within the framework of their duties. GPS devices do not transmit data in real time and employees are notified of the presence of this device and how to activate it.


We have established categories of employees within our company and determined which categories of employees must have access to personal information as part of their role.

We have identified the third parties to whom personal information is communicated and put in place procedures to obtain the consent of the person concerned when required. These include applications used as part of our activities on our website, third parties for maintenance or IT support, for the payroll service, for subscription to the group insurance policy, for sending packages or to securely destroy personal information.

As personal information is communicated outside of Quebec, we have reached written agreements with third parties to ensure their protection.


We have listed all the locations, media and places where we keep your personal information and we have implemented appropriate physical, IT, technical and administrative security measures according to the standards in force to protect your personal information.

As personal information is kept outside Quebec, we have entered into written agreements with third parties to ensure their protection.

We have determined how long we keep personal information, in what manner and for what purposes. We have established a schedule for destroying personal information and selected the means used to destroy it securely.


We have also implemented various procedures in our governance policies and practices to ensure the protection and management of your personal information, including:

  • The appointment of a person responsible for personal information and an email box dedicated to this purpose;
  • The signing by our employees and suppliers with access to the personal information we hold or to our premises of a confidentiality commitment;
  • Maintaining and implementing IT measures, particularly against cybercrime;
  • Maintaining and implementing unique access codes and passwords that are changed regularly;
  • The choice of providers and applications with measures in place for the protection of personal information;
  • Implementation of measures so that the company’s premises ensure the confidentiality of personal information;
  • The creation of a teleworking policy to ensure the confidentiality of personal information;
  • The creation of a procedure when an employee leaves, in particular so that all access is removed;
  • The creation of a privacy policy and a cookie management policy for personal information collected by the company by technological means;
  • The creation of a grid to carry out assessments of privacy factors when required;
  • The creation of a procedure when the person concerned withdraws their consent to the use and communication of their personal information;
  • The creation of a procedure and forms for processing access and rectification requests;
  • The creation of a complaints handling procedure;
  • The creation of a register of confidentiality incidents;
  • Regular awareness raising among our employees on the importance of confidentiality of personal information and its protection;
  • Implementation of training on the collection, use, communication, retention and destruction of personal information held by the company for our employees;
  • The annual review of governance policies and practices, the confidentiality policy, the cookie management policy as well as all other documents, procedures, policies put in place within the framework of these;


If you wish to file a complaint, you must do so in writing to the attention of the person responsible for personal information whose contact details are indicated below. The person responsible for personal information will contact you within 10 working days of receipt of the complaint in order to discuss it. During the phone call, a meeting will be scheduled in order to reach an agreement. If the meeting fails, and you agree, a mediation process will be offered.


Please contact our Privacy Officer with any questions or comments regarding these policies and practices, the Privacy policy and the Cookie management policy, or with regard to your personal information as well as for any request for access or rectification, by email, telephone or by post to the following contact details :


Sales and logistics supervisor

2025, Saint-Alphonse road, Saint-Bruno, QC, G0W 2L0

1 888 785-3260  poste 403

418 669-4008     poste 403


Governance policies and practices may be updated from time to time. Notices of changes to these will be published on our website.

Governance policies and practices are current as of October 1, 2023.